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Application Update

Feb 25

For those who don't know, the past couple weeks I've been constantly applying to art jobs. Strictly comic and animation related, and a few others.

I keep it organized, and write down a list of EVERY job I apply to, along with where they are from, what company, and the date I applied.

So, since January 26, I have applied to 45 jobs!

.....but I have yet to get one.

One thing I've noticed about Wix (this website) is that I can see exactly WHO looks at my website, and WHERE they are from. I can see what tabs they went to, how long they stayed, etc. Usually immediately after sending an application, I will notice that someone has seen my stuff. It's nice because at least that means I'm not in some void, or I got lost, but it's also disheartening because that means someone saw my art and... it still... wasn't good enough.

Every time I apply to jobs, I end up in the same cycle: apply, realize my portfolio needs more, draw more, apply, realize my portfolio needs more, draw more, apply....

It feels I'm back in that loop, but I'm going to attempt NOT to take a break. I'll apply and work on my portfolio at the same time. I'm working on my own things and animatics and comics, too! I look back at the past two years and I'm honestly disappointed in myself. I have every opportunity everyday to work on art but every night I go to bed, it feels like I didn't accomplish anything. I'm thinking of logging out of all apps and social media, to see if that will help me stay motivated and less distracted.

But then again I follow some people IN the studios and companies I apply for, who have once said the same thing before getting the job! You just have to keep going. Don't stop! I'm afraid I'll still feel this way after I get the job, though. But sometimes tells me that won't happen.... here's hoping!

If, perhaps, there is the sliiiiggghhhhttt chance someone is reading this and has any advice, let me know! Thank you so much. c:

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