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I'm Going to San Diego Zinefest in North Park :D

Hey, it's been awhile!

I love my personal website because I can make it as cozy and personal as I want. Though, not many people are just "passing through" a website. So I end up setting other social medias as a priority! But that's okay. I still love you all <3

I signed up to sell at San Diego Zine Fest in North Park on September 18th, Sunday! I've been looking forward to this for like three years, since I went to it back in 2019. But! I was only asked for table payment about a month ago, so I've been crunching to finish my zines all day. My boyfriend taught me how to make mini zines made out of a folded piece of paper, so therefore I can print out about 8 pages on a single sheet, saving a lot of money.

I made some examples using old comics and showed them around, and my friends were impressed. This is very exciting! I also found out I work a lot better when there is an actual deadline. I wish I could set up my own personal deadline, but it really does help when there is a REASON. Sure, I can say "I want to finish this comic by my birthday" sounds cool, but it's more of a push when I think "I want to finish this by that convention!" I still have two comics I've been working on the past couple years. One of which is on Webtoon, but I recently started it over and colored it all. :) The other one needs to be redone completely because I started it back when I first got my Ipad, so I was inexperienced with Procreate. I'm sure it won't take long to do it all over again, I just have to get to it!

Motivation sometimes dwindles, but that's why I keep myself busy with conventions, meet up with friends, and join comic art groups like the Comic Artists of San Diego or Indie Comics Creative in SD. We meet up and collab and do projects together around the city and it's also a great way to make new friends!

On the flip side, my computer stopped working. :( But my boyfriend just got a brand new awesome one that I'm using in the meantime, because he's so nice. Once I get enough money (hopefully from this con) I can get it fixed, or buy a new one and I'll be able to stream my progress on Twitch or something. It sounds so fun!

Anyway that's all for now. Message me anywhere if you want to know more c:


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