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Selling Art at San Diego ComicFest 2020!

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Oh man so I saw on Facebook that San Diego ComicFest was having it's last volunteers meeting, so of course I had to go! It's annoying how sometimes Facebook will show you events going on that you don't care about, but only show the good ones every once in awhile. I could have gone to so many more meetings in the past!

But hey, it's all good.

In fact, while there I saw someone I befriended last year and when the meeting was over, he called to the founder and asked if I could sell my artwork this year. I was accepted of course, but that means... I HAVE TO MAKE SOME ART, FAST!

I already have this idea of making a choose-your-own-adventure comic, and it's taking a LONG TIME to write! I only have a few pages done, but now I gotta put myself in MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE to get this comic finished and ready in just two months!

Tip: Don't put yourself in maximum overdrive to get a comic finished in just two months.

Hopefully I survive! And hopefully I'll see you there!

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