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Starting my Next Comic :)

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Hey, check it out! Making comics is a lot of fun, but can also be very stressful. If you have the true passion for it, you'll probably push yourself harder than those who are just starting out, or have little knowledge in the process. But that's okay! To me (and many hirers) continuing to make art and giving yourself personal goals and projects to work on is amazing.

The first comics I ever made were in the back of my classroom notebooks, usually cramped looking and on lined paper. From there, I ended up using printing paper and stuffing all the pages into a folder. I actually think college was when I finally learned the professional route of using larger, thicker paper and planning my comics ahead before jumping right into them. Isn't that crazy? Lots of artists already know what they're doing by the time they hit high school. I think social media has a lot of responsibility to that, too, since younger generations have more access to it.

For me, I had physical comic books, single issues, and thick graphic novels. Not as easy to store compared to today's method of hitting "Add to Bookmarks", haha.

Anyway, although it feels like I should have done this years ago with my comics, I am going to really work on this one in a professional matter. My other comics, printed or online, are mostly rushed due to time or pure laziness. But this time I want to put more of an effort into it! I would love to share my process with the public, as well. So be prepared for WIP videos, sketches, page layouts, and small lessons either here or through my Youtube channel. :)

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