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The Sketchbook Project

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

For Christmas I was given a tiny little sketchbook for the New York Sketchbook Project.

It only has about 40 pages, and I'm able to draw whatever I want with whatever mediums! When I'm finished, I send it out to the library located in Brooklyn where people can actually "check out" my sketchbook physically AND digitally!

I'm almost done with it now, which is good because it's due by the end of March! I decided to put some silly things as well as personal things in it. Doing this allowed my love for inking to resurface and now I wonder if I should stick to inking comics traditionally from now on.

When I finish this, I will send out an e-mail from my newsletter so you can access it first-hand. Who wants to go to New York with me?

Check it out:

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