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Vending at BizBaz Club (finally!)

Finally I am attending a vending night at BizBaz Club!

Artist Alley Attendees living in San Diego should know of BizBaz Club, it's a non-profit group that provides small, comfortable events for amateur or not-so-big artists. The people running it are doing very well and seem to be very smart with their business. They even have a Boba Shop! I went there recently because my boss at Littlefish Comic Book Studio gloated about their shop and boba, so I went by with my boyfriend to try it. It almost felt like walking into an anime-obsessed teenager's bedroom, complete with pink walls, colorful clothing and artwork hanging around, and large, cartoon standees displayed about.

Recently, BizBaz was in charge of Southern California Comic's Free Comic Book Day Event in May, which was a first! According to the other vendors and artists, they usually set up for free but this past year was different.

I'm looking forward to what this event will be and all the other kawaii artists I will be surrounded by :)

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