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Updated: Jan 27, 2022

For those who know, I have a webcomic in the works! I already have quite a few pages done, but would like to have enough done to be able to post regularly and not have to scramble last minute for an update. There are a lot of webcomic artists who can create a new page every week in time for an update, but there are also a lot who don't. Their comics end up on a weird schedule, or going on hiatus for awhile until new pages are up.

You must plan ahead with this sort of thing! I used to have a webcomic up in the past, but it wasn't serial. Each comic was about four panels long and were all random, so you didn't have to follow them in order. It made it easier for me that way, but didn't hook an audience!

So now I try again! This time, I was able to work with a few friends on a storyline and bring it all together. Once the story was done, and thumbnails sketches were made, I bought an ipad, downloaded procreate, and got to work.

That resulted to this:

Oh wow! First page done and colored! Unfortunately, I was also in the middle of understanding Procreate and all it's functions. Looking at this page now I know I HAVE to go back and fix it again to match the original style:

A few pages are done in Photoshop, then a few done in Procreate. It's not uncommon for webcomics, or comics in general, to swap art styles throughout the book. I could keep going back to fix older pages, but then I will never finish the book itself!!!

Though I enjoy the textured look of the coloring style above, after working on procreate everyday for the past four months, I finally came up with a drawing technique that looks the best:

Lines are clean, coloring is clean, overall it looks very professional. Only problem is that I colored later pages first, and newer pages later... there will be a bit of art style confusion. I'm still deciding to go back and fix later pages.... but only if they really need it.

This has been a challenge, not only in art style and scheduling, but to be my own boss!!!

Be ready for an update, soon!

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