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Working at Balboa Park!

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

I recently became a vendor at Balboa Park! It's nice for many reasons that might not seem so obvious:

I am my own boss and set my own hours. Which sounds great, but is actually more frustrating than I thought! There are days that are slow and I think "I can just leave right now. No... no, you have to stay another three hours. You can do it." Other times I'm like "Wednesdays are slow, anyways, do I take the chance of not getting many customers?"

After quarantine and getting used to sitting around, it just might take a bit until I get my motivation back to a normal work day standard!

However, once I unload my trunk, carry everything to my spot, set it all up, get a coffee, and sit down... it all feels worth it! I have a perfect view of the gardens, church, and fountains, I can people-watch, talk to customers, befriend the other vendors.... all around an amazing experience!

I've also been brushing up on some observational drawing:

The challenge with these is not to use a pencil at all. Just pen! If I make a mistake, I have to dress it up to look like it was on purpose.

Anyway, if anybody stops by Balboa Park in San Diego and wants to say hi, please do! My set-up is much more updated compared the the image displayed above, but I will still be easy to spot! :)


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