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I'm Going to Start Streaming Regularly!

Hello, hello!

^ This image is a screenshot from my Twitch screen and what you will be looking at when I draw some stuff. I finally figured it all out, aw yeah.

I work at a park on the weekends as a Cartoon Yourself artist, where my customers pay me through donation of whatever they want and it's been working like a charm the past three years. I'm wondering if I can do the same thing but online, as well!

Of course the toughest part is going to be gaining that traction. It's easy to be out physically in public and make myself look visible with my decorations, big tent, bright signs, etc. But online is different. I'm hoping if I make a regular schedule then it will help the algorithm to my favor, but what do I know? Hmmm

I've been streaming on Picarto but not many people join that one, it's not as popular.

I know Twitch is known for it's LetPlay videogame peeps but I think someone getting a drawing of whatever they want for however much they want is pretty cool c:

So yeah, if you have time on Wednesday nights, I'll be streaming that time! (The day might change, depending on how popular Wednesday nights are)

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