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NEXT EVENT: Convoy Nights

Updated: May 14

Advertisement cartoon for San Diego Convoy Nights May 4

Hello, hello! I've been doing "Cartoon Yourself" at Balboa Park for THREE YEARS and it looks like we FINALLY hit the end of it. (for now, I presume) The vendor laws at the park as well as all of San Diego have changed as of April 2024, and it looks like if I want to continue, I will need to buy a brand new set up and possibly buy a permit. I REALLY don't have the funds for that right now (of course, everything hits at once!) so I'm going to go to events instead.

I've been wanting to do farmer's markets and events anyway so I hope this will do well and be the start of a new journey as a "Cartoon Yourself" artist.

SO I HAVE A BUNCH OF EVENTS COMING UP! Otherwise, I've been doing $5 doodles on my Twitch for a couple bucks until I find something better. So follow me on Twitch!

Okay that's it. Next announcement next week! <3

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