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Oh Man I'm Painting a Mural

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

I've been working at this cafe for like a year now and have always wanted to paint something on the outside of it because, well, to be honest it's kinda bleh.

And then after like three months since the proposal of the idea, I started on it, yay! I only have one small thing to work on and then it's finished! I have some photos of the process. :)

A good friend of mine from college has been doing lots of murals since graduation and I asked her if she had any tips! Here's what she told me, just in case you were thinking of doing it yourself one day:

"I use Satin Base Interior paint. (Make sure the wall is primed, usually they already are) and make sure the base paint that's on the wall isn't oil-based before you put the latex acrylic on top. You can test and see if it's oil if you take nail polish remover and a cotton ball. Rub the wall and see if the paint comes off. If it does, it's oil.

You don't want to use art paint because it costs a fortune so interior wall paints are ideal and cheaper with good quality. I usually buy gallons or quarts depending on how big the wall is. I use satin because it's not too glossy and you can still wipe it. STAY AWAY from matte paints or glossy paints.

Try to get sample containers of the paints if they have any of the colors you need so you can save some extra money.

You can always mix the paints if they are the same finish. I have not put on any top glazes or sealants on any of the murals I've done on walls. (I'm still learning as well) However, if you do something on wood that will be exposed to the elements use a finish on top because it will chip. If on brick, walls, metal, or anything else outdoors, just get paints for exterior not interior.

I'm not sure about the mixing of interior and exterior paint but I do it all the time and nothing bad has happened. Just make sure it's the same finish."

Jas Oyola is an amazing artist and a chill person all around. Check out her murals! @jasoyola on instagram

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