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I Got A Comic Gig!

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

That's what the professionals call it, right? A "gig"?

Well, anyway. Remember that Comic Artists and Writers Meet-and-Greet I went to? I got a job from it!

I've been doing comics for myself, mostly. The only other comics I've ever done were for free, and probably something stupid that I did in high school, or something. So to actually get paid to draw someone else's idea for the first time feels AMAZING!

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to really talk about the project, because the author has plans for it in the future! But I can always tell you about the author, his website is below :)

So for now it's only going to be the first 5 pages of the comic, just to get it going. I'm already excited to work on it, not just because it's a real gig, but also because it's a story I enjoy! There is a comedic feel to it, along with wacky character designs, and I am FOR IT.

Max, the author, is an amazing writer, too! Very clever and well-spoken, with a dash of insanity. What better author could I ask for? Haha

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